Karnage Performance Exhaust

For years, we’ve installed brands of exhaust like Magnaflow and Flowmaster.  We learned the ins and outs of getting the sounds customers wanted out of their vehicle.  Over the years, we had customers request aggressive, deeper tones.  Through years of blood, sweat and research Troy and his team have come up with the answer to these requests: our Karnage Performance Exhaust line of mufflers!

We have 3 different models of our Karnage line to get the sound out of your vehicle that you want!

 We use only the highest quality materials in our Karnage Line of mufflers.  We use a 14 gauge aluminized metal (which is thicker than most of our competition) to create a chambered exhaust with unmatched durability.  And the best part?  These are manufactured in house, are affordably priced, and come with a lifetime guarantee!   

Be sure to check out our Karnage line of exhaust on our Youtube Channel!